Revolutionize Your Oral Hygiene Routine with Floss Picks - Say Goodbye to Messy Strings!

Introducing CLD Floss Picks


Your Solution to Get Flossing Back in Your Dental Routine!

Why Choose Floss Picks Over Traditional Dental Floss?

  • Convenience: Floss picks are small, compact and disposable, making them perfect for on-the-go oral hygiene. You can easily carry them in your pocket, purse, or bag for quick and easy use anytime, anywhere.
  • Control: Floss picks give you greater control over the flossing process. Their unique design allows you to easily reach tight spaces between your teeth and around your gums, providing a more thorough clean than traditional floss.
  • Comfort: For those with sensitive gums or teeth, traditional floss can sometimes be too harsh. Floss picks offer a gentler, more comfortable alternative, with a soft, flexible pick that won't irritate your gums.
  • Efficiency: Using floss picks is generally faster and more efficient than traditional floss. With a floss pick, you can quickly and easily clean between your teeth without having to wrap floss around your fingers or navigate a length of string in your mouth.

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How To Use

Start by selecting a floss pick from the pack. Hold it firmly between your fingers, and gently guide it between your teeth.

Use a gentle sawing motion to slide the pick up and down between your teeth, being careful not to snap the floss against your gums.

When you reach the gum line, curve the floss around the base of your tooth and gently glide it back and forth a few times to remove any plaque or debris.

Repeat the process for each tooth, using a fresh pick for each one to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Try to use them at least once a day, preferably before bedtime, to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Floss before brushing your teeth and then finish by cleaning your tongue. Finishing your routine by brushing your tongue to remove any bacteria that may be present.

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